Moving is already a tiring process and then thinking of moving heavy items, makes you feel anxious. Because while moving heavy items all by yourself will result in severe damage to your backbone or other parts of the body. And without following the proper techniques you’ll end up harming yourself, so it’s better to call an expert from a moving company and if you are not willing to do so. It’s better to follow some tips and tricks for easy and without damage moving of your heavy items. Mach 1 Moving has stated some tips and tricks regarding your DIY moving to make your moving simpler and secure. It’s better to find out how moving heavy items can be done easily.

Ask for help

Before you start the moving of heavy items, it’s better to think about whether you can do that process individually or you need help from some professional or any relative or friend. Suppose you are going to move the cupboard from the house, the first thing that you have to consider is whether this cupboard can be moved easily without doing extra work. It’s better to consider a suggestion from any expert or any other family member. Or you can search on the internet for moving cupboards from your room. Mach 1 Moving suggests you measure the size of the cupboard and then measure the door of your room. Is it possible to move it from that place easily without any scratches?

Divide heavy items into different parts

Above we are talking about moving a cupboard, some heavy and large cupboards cannot be moved easily and as a whole. So it’s better to divide your large items into small ones, by removing the joined parts like the drawer of your cupboard, or some parts of cupboards are attached using joints, you can remove those joints to divide it into parts. Mach 1 Moving suggests you use some tools like a screwdriver to split the cupboard into different parts. In this way it’ll be easy for you to move heavy items, as after the dividing process it’ll make the cupboard light in weight and convenient to carry. And before moving tag each part, so while joining the process it’ll be easy for you.

Cover delicate items carefully

Some heavy items are heavy as well as delicate, so it’s better to cover them with any blanket or any other soft material like a bubble wrap sheet. So that you don’t have to bear any loss. As there are glass tables whose glass cannot be removed, so before carrying them it’s better to cover the glass with some bubble wrapping sheet. Mach 1 Moving suggests that there might be some chances that no matter how cautious you are there are chances that while carrying heavy items they might slip from your hands causing severe damage to things placed near them. So it’s better to keep a distance between carrying items and other items.

It’s difficult to pull heavy items

Heavy items are difficult to move, so it’s better to push them instead of pulling, as lifting the heavy items will cause severe damage to your back. But according to Mach 1 Moving experts, if we push the heavy items on the floor, it’ll result in scratching the floor badly. So you can use some special tools like gliders or sliders while pushing heavy items, but if you don’t have such tools you are not a professional mover. It’s better to add some sheet or old carpet or rug under the heavy items, it’ll help you in causing less or no damage to your house floor.

Getting help from traditional tools

As you are not a professional mover, but still there are some traditional tools through which you can take help and make your work easy. Use a heavy rope to move your heavy items from the fifth or other floors of the building but before doing so make sure that your item is packed safely and securely. As moving heavy items through the stairs can be a really difficult process, it’s better to tie your heavy item with a strong rope and slightly move them downwards. If you don’t have moving dollies as professionals have, you can use any table that has tires attached to its legs. So that you can move your heavy items easily from one place to another, by placing them on the table. You can use a simple lever to pull the heavy items from the surface and then place them in the moving vehicle.

Secure your heavy items

Make sure that the heavy items you are going to carry by yourself are secure, you have tightened them with some strap and you can move them without any fear. Because if you are not sure that they are secure enough or not, it’ll end up causing damage to you and the item also. For that, you can use strong ropes or you can buy straps from the market. Mach 1 Moving can provide you with all such tools. You just have to discuss with our experts and your problem will be solved within no time.

Although, indeed, moving heavy items is not an easy task but still you can do it by following some tips and tricks. And carrying your heavy items with care and by following proper precautions. You can consider help from Mach 1 Moving experts. We are just one call away and will suggest the best ways for moving heavy items.

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